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Wateraid – can we tempt you to sponsor us?

It is the end of the month and for most of you that means pay day – so here is our last ditch attempt to raise money for Wateraid, if you haven’t sponsored us yet and you would like to, please click the link below:

if you have sponsored us already a big thank you.

Contacts needed


We need your help…

We would like you to share our blog with all your friends and family especially those that have travelled abroad, are living abroad or who have a sense of adventure

We’ve purchased all of our kit, we’ve rented the house, made loose plans and contingency plans but we are aware that they’ll be times when we need to bounce ideas off others or simply want advice re where to stay, eat and play. The more people following us the easier it will be to get the support we need.

Update on our trip

We have failed to get a Chinese visa, we can at a push (if we lie) get a 3 month visa but it is very difficult to get a 6 month multi entry visa and we would need this as the clock starts ticking from the point your visa is authorised

On a more positive note we have now got our Indian visa’s but again the clock has already started to tick which means they’ll expire in the 2nd week in September. This means to take advantage of the visas we will need to enter India mid August which is during the monsoon season!! On a bright note it should make our August/Sept update interesting.

We’ve had a second outing on our bikes (with panniers) and everything seems to work OK, we even managed to overtake some cyclists going up hill!

But I think it is fair to say we have not done nearly enough preparation, to date I still haven’t spent more than two nights under canvass, we’ve cycled less than 50 miles  with the bikes fully packed and we haven’t even used our cooking equipment  – c’est la vie, I am sure we’ll be experts by the time we get to Rhodes : )

Only 11 more days to go…..

Gentle reminder we are having a leaving breakfast on the 4th April at the Ring O ‘Bells

first ride out together

Gary and I have taken 2 days annual leave to test the bikes and the equipment and sods law I’ve gone down with a cold/cough but as a cheeky teenager said last night it is my throat that is sore not my legs.  So with this in mind, I decided to give it a go.

I didn’t feel I had the energy for the planned 50 mile ride and a night in a tent, but I did manage to do 27 miles with an average speed of 10.9 mph with a bit of climbing involved.

We’re not going to break any records but the bikes felt good and given the fact that we were carrying in excess of 75kg (bike and kit) and stopped several times to take clothes off and on, not for the fun of it, although anyone watching me trying to take my jumper off over my helmet may disagree, we did alright.

It definitely bodes well for the future, I’m hoping I might feel a little better tomorrow so that we can go and play again : )

Poo Stool – not to be read if you’re eating

Imagine the scene – You’re in a foreign country, It is very dark and stormy and you don’t know what is lurking outside – would you use a chemical port-a loo – I asked myself this question and promptly purchased a

It’s not that I haven’t wild camped, or been to the toilet outside in the middle of the night and I wouldn’t use this daily (in fact I would need to be desperate) but I would consider it for those nights when it’s really awful outside or/and when I may have a really iffy tum. I know it is a luxury item but in it’s defence it does double up as a stool (no pun intended) and we do have a separate compartment in the tent.

We’re packing the panniers should it come with us?

I don’t need to tell you what Gary thinks…