Poo Stool – not to be read if you’re eating

Imagine the scene – You’re in a foreign country, It is very dark and stormy and you don’t know what is lurking outside – would you use a chemical port-a loo – I asked myself this question and promptly purchased a  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bog-Bag-BoginaBag-Portable-Camping/dp/B003G3BCTG

It’s not that I haven’t wild camped, or been to the toilet outside in the middle of the night and I wouldn’t use this daily (in fact I would need to be desperate) but I would consider it for those nights when it’s really awful outside or/and when I may have a really iffy tum. I know it is a luxury item but in it’s defence it does double up as a stool (no pun intended) and we do have a separate compartment in the tent.

We’re packing the panniers should it come with us?

I don’t need to tell you what Gary thinks…

2 thoughts on “Poo Stool – not to be read if you’re eating

  1. Bob Hutton

    There’s no way I would consider carrying this.

    The same (er) stool can be had from Poundland, albeit without the hole, but you might as well squat.

    This still needs something to catch what you deposit so you may as well dig a hole or use a supermarket carrier bag.

    If you take it along I put a tenner its in the rubbish within a week.

    Just my view.

    Cheers Guys.


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