first ride out together

Gary and I have taken 2 days annual leave to test the bikes and the equipment and sods law I’ve gone down with a cold/cough but as a cheeky teenager said last night it is my throat that is sore not my legs.  So with this in mind, I decided to give it a go.

I didn’t feel I had the energy for the planned 50 mile ride and a night in a tent, but I did manage to do 27 miles with an average speed of 10.9 mph with a bit of climbing involved.

We’re not going to break any records but the bikes felt good and given the fact that we were carrying in excess of 75kg (bike and kit) and stopped several times to take clothes off and on, not for the fun of it, although anyone watching me trying to take my jumper off over my helmet may disagree, we did alright.

It definitely bodes well for the future, I’m hoping I might feel a little better tomorrow so that we can go and play again : )

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