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We need your help…

We would like you to share our blog with all your friends and family especially those that have travelled abroad, are living abroad or who have a sense of adventure

We’ve purchased all of our kit, we’ve rented the house, made loose plans and contingency plans but we are aware that they’ll be times when we need to bounce ideas off others or simply want advice re where to stay, eat and play. The more people following us the easier it will be to get the support we need.

Update on our trip

We have failed to get a Chinese visa, we can at a push (if we lie) get a 3 month visa but it is very difficult to get a 6 month multi entry visa and we would need this as the clock starts ticking from the point your visa is authorised

On a more positive note we have now got our Indian visa’s but again the clock has already started to tick which means they’ll expire in the 2nd week in September. This means to take advantage of the visas we will need to enter India mid August which is during the monsoon season!! On a bright note it should make our August/Sept update interesting.

We’ve had a second outing on our bikes (with panniers) and everything seems to work OK, we even managed to overtake some cyclists going up hill!

But I think it is fair to say we have not done nearly enough preparation, to date I still haven’t spent more than two nights under canvass, we’ve cycled less than 50 miles  with the bikes fully packed and we haven’t even used our cooking equipment  – c’est la vie, I am sure we’ll be experts by the time we get to Rhodes : )

Only 11 more days to go…..

Gentle reminder we are having a leaving breakfast on the 4th April at the Ring O ‘Bells

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  1. Pauline

    Days to go now in single digits….. how exciting and scary at the same time. Are you at Paddlesport on Saturday?


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