A leaving poem from my team

I was very touched and amused by this poem so I thought I would share it with you


Ginette Corr, Ginette Corr

The Marilyn Monroe of the second Floor

I’m comparing of course, her hour glass figure

and not her brain…which is much bigger.


She’s clever, respected and works with poise.

All learnt whilst working with sex toys!

But she left the thrill of Ann Summers and the law

for contract management what a bore!


Her feminine sway, from meeting to meeting

the grace and the glamour which take some beating

but strip away the charm and class and you’ll find an iron woman,

who’d kick your ass

At any pursuit you’d care to name

you can’t match this amazon for sweat, toil and pain.

Whether paddling insanely in star showered nights.

if a challenge is great, she’ll give it a try,

no river too deep, no mountain too high

no bone too broken, no bruise or blister can ever hold down this intrepid sister

This special person, is bound to go far,

But Turkey and Thailand?…without a car??


So fly to the ends of the earth

giving all monkeys a very wide berth

and keep bananas close to your rear

to ease saddle soreness and hold back the tears….


…and don’t give a thought to us poor office drones

with faulty computers and niggling phones

AND air conditioning, cold or too warm

AND budgets AND spreadsheets AND monitoring forms.


For you it’s the joy of a chemical loo and GPS leading you into the blue

accompanied gently by a clarinet tune (this may no longer be very true)


we wish you good spaces in the far away places

watch the world speed past with the wind in your faces

and come back with tales to make hair stand on end

wearing robes or turbans to start a new trend


This place will never be the same

We’ll never forget ee…ummm…sorry – what was her name?

we know you didn’t want any fuss

but still, we want you remembering us

with no space for big presents or even knickers

we’ve got you instead a small bike sticker!


we’ll miss you Ginette, that’s very true,



auf wiedersehen…

and all the very best to you our good friend

3 thoughts on “A leaving poem from my team

  1. Bob Hutton

    There was a young girl called Ginette Rode her bike round the world for a bet When her boyfriend, called Gary Suggested they marry She never expected the sweat.

    See you Saturday


    Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2015 06:30:20 +0000 To: bobhutton@hotmail.co.uk


  2. Chris Burton

    Well done Shaun! You said it all for all of us. Goodbye Ginette- we will miss you so much (actually already are) Sorry I won’t be able to be there tommorrow so wishing you the most amazing time this evening- and please come back to us. Xxxx


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