Summary of week 1

First Week (summary below the full diary can be found in the diaries section)

Before we left several people asked ‘how much training have you done for this trip,’ we smiled sweetly in response and said not enough. After day 6 I was sure we had done enough had we have done anymore we probably would not have embarked on this crazy adventure. The first few days were hard both physically and mentally.

Now at day 9 we are settling in to a routine, enjoying the cycling (especially when the sun shines) and trying to avoid the snow capped mountains.

We have spent 4 nights in paid camp sites (only one was really worth it and that was because we were desperate for a wash and our clothes and tent needed cleaning) and 3 nights wild camping (wild camping is much easier than I that it would be although I think Gary is a little on guard and struggling a little bit with sleeping – my protector).

We are slightly behind the mileage Gary had planned for us but this is in part due to the ferry docking late and partly because we had to climb two big mountains on our bike, we have covered approx 329 miles since leaving home and we are currently in a little sunny town called Estella.

Financially we are on schedule spending approx £42 per day and that includes taking into account unexpected dentist fees (chipped tooth) sim cards and cables for the Garmin.

We have cycled through some beautiful towns, in contrast to the UK all the houses are individual and of interest. Since arriving in Spain we have been surrounded by mountains, it is very picturesque. The people are very kind but speak very little (no) English, on refection I wish I had spent some time learning at least the basics (Gary has a basic understanding which is helpful).

As the days get warmer we are developing the compulsory cycle tan lines, which will no doubt give great amusement to those sharing a villa with us in Rhodes.

Hope all is well in the UK, please share comments on here or send us update messages via Facebook. Although our access to wifi is not great it is good for the soul to keep in touch with news from home.

6 thoughts on “Summary of week 1

  1. Shrek

    Wild camping!!!!
    Every noise would wake me, I’d be dreaming of all sorts of creepy crawlies trying to get into the tent 😊
    As for training for the trip you have been for several years!
    We got several new members and five newly trained helms, you will both be returning to a Premier League club in 2016

    Stay safe and keep us updated


  2. Jan Bond

    It’s really good to hear you are getting into a rhythm and that you sound much happier than last time. Great to hear the wild camping is better than you’d expected. This way you only have your own ‘toilet smells’ to savour.
    Jan xx


  3. Ian E

    I thought I’d left a comment before – I don’t know where that went? Anyway sounds like things are improving as I said I thought they would and the earlier issues would fade away.
    It’s surprising how some sunshine can make all the difference.
    Take it steady
    Ian and Candy xxx


  4. Pamela Bennington

    Great to hear that you guy shave settled into a routine and can relax into the sunny days of taking your time and enjoying the adventure. The weather here is still not great but promising to be better by the end of the week. Today is my first day back after a trip to Ibiza with my sisters so not yet in ” Work Mode ” lol. xxx

    Take each day as it comes and don’t stress over anything, life is too short.

    Hugs xx


  5. Michael

    Hats of to you both,only you two could be this mad:)
    All the best camping sounds fun,just picture Gary standing outside and you snug inside LOL


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