2nd Week – summary below full diary will be updated when we resolve IT issues

A week of ups and downs in more ways than one… We miscalculated how long it was going to take us to get to Greece, so having failed to get a train we hired a car to drive from Pamplona to Girona.  it was a long (10 hour) drive, which we think would have taken us 10 days cycling! On arriving in Girona we recalculated the route and realised we would still need to cycle 56 miles a day until we arrived in Rhodes. I struggled with this at first but rationalized it by reminding myself of our other cycling trips 56 miles would be a short day.  Our spirits are lighter knowing there is a plan b (car, train, boat or plane) after all this is supposed to be fun and it is the only section of the adventure with a clock ticking.

Hiring the car has meant we have spent more than our expected  budget but we are clawing this back as we are not using our daily allowance (although this is becoming more and more challenging the french coast is much more expensive than northern spain)

We have approximately 3000 kilometres to cycle and we are achieving our daily mileage and recalculating on a regular basis to ensure we stay on schedule. This is not a simple task as the Garmin does not always plan a direct route and Gary spends half his day arguing with it and resetting it – to the point he even dreams about navigation.

We have driven and cycled across the Pyrenees which are just as majestic as we remember them to be when we cycled to Barcelona a few years ago. We are now in France and have just passed Montpellier, the coast is beautiful and the cycling is carefree and fun if not a little challenging on the narrower roads.

We are still having IT problems but are able to receive messages on word press, email, and facebook via our kindles so please keep your messages/updates coming it is great to hear news from home.

Still living the dream and loving it

6 thoughts on “2nd Week – summary below full diary will be updated when we resolve IT issues

  1. Bob Hutton

    Still sounds great, Guys.

    Even if it seems tough sometimes, a bad day on your bike is far better than a good day in work.

    Thanks for the update, and keep smiling.

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  2. Thomas Hamm

    Loving the update guys ! Keep up the good work and pictures lots of pics as love seeing where you have been.


  3. Michael greenacre

    Good times and bad times are all experiences and something you can talk about when your back.
    thx for the update


  4. Pamela Bennington

    Hello there Corr`s. Glad you are still ” Living the dream ” even though there have been some tough days. Still very jealous of the adventure you are having whatever it may through at you you will have memories that last a lifetime. Don’t beat yourself up over the little things and take one day at a time. Stay safe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  5. garthyrox@sky.com

    Hi guys great to hear from you via your blog and to hear you are progressing well in your wonderful adventure. How are the legs and buttocks holding up? you will probably have backsides like leather when you finish!  Saw Hayley yesterday and she is very much looking forward to seeing you in Rhodes. Am missing you guys already and youve only been gone 2 weeks! Managed my first road bike ride yesterday with the big fella was a tad apprehensive but confidence will hopefully return with more miles. Audax 100 miles with Stu and Russ next week should be fun. Enjoy the miles and the “magic moments” dont let Gazza forget the tune! Keep safe you two, Gary and Nikki x


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