Week 3

Rain, tears and smiles….

The weeks seem to be flying by, this has been an interesting week

We have worked really hard to stay on schedule but although we are doing the miles we are not making the distance we need to, to reach Rhodes in time for the wedding and the week with our families.

This has been really frustrating and at times it has felt like this trip is about the end destination rather than the journey and this was never our intention.

So after some deliberation we have reconsidered our plans for the next section of our adventure and we are exploring hiring a car next week to go through Italy. We hope to cycle to Genoa and then hire the car down to Bali which is on the south west coast. We have cycled from Genoa to Rome previously so we don’t feel like we are missing much and with the car we can take time out to see Florence and Pisa.

This decision has made the last couple of days more enjoyable as the pressure has been taken off and we are now cycling for fun rather than to meet a target.

We are both looking forward to cycling in new countries and experiencing more of the world.  France and Spain have been good countries for us to find our feet but they’re not that dissimilar to the UK so although we have nearly cycled 1000 miles we do not feel we have really tasted what the world has to offer.

We have taken lots of pictures but unfortunately they will not load on to this site (I think they need to be saved in a different format) so I will post a selection on Facebook

Full length diaries can be found in the diary section

4 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. Bob Hutton

    Thanks for the update.

    You’re right, it should be about the journey so don’t worry about using a hire car, especially in an area you know.

    Really looking forward to your updates as things become even more ‘Exotic’.

    Keep strong, and keep on enjoying the adventure.

    All our love

    Bob and Su


  2. Chris Burtpn

    So love reading your posts. What an experience – and yes this should be about enjoyment and amazing happenings…….. So we all look forward to hearing about your road trip. Enjoy!


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