4th Week of our amazing adventure

Fourth Week

We are now in Italy, we had a lovely cycle up the french coast into Italy, some stunning views and lovely cycling conditions.

Sat in a car for 2 and half days – yuk, we both found this really frustrating, but a necessity to get to Rhodes in time for the wedding. We did manage to stop off at Pisa which we thoroughly enjoyed. We also stopped off in Rimini, not so great, we were only there for a couple of hours and out of season but in our short time there we didn’t like it very much.

The short cut (car hire) has given us some time to play in Southern Italy which is great as we have not cycled in this area before and we hope to take in a Greek Island on our way to Rhodes

Hiring the car was an expensive experience, not only did we incur car hire costs, diesel costs but in addition we spent a lot of time on the Italian motorway system and incurred numerous toll charges. On a positive although we have spent approx. €700 more than we had budgeted for we seem to have more savings than we initially thought so can take the hit without worrying too much at this stage. Like life in the UK financial things come and bite you on the bum when you least expect it so we are trying to be frugal, this will be easier once we are in more control of our time.

We completed the 1000 mile mark early in the week, maximum speed 38.5 miles per hour, average speed approx 9.8 miles per hour (based on my little computer as Gary’s Garmin is caput and is hopefully on its way back to the UK, I left it in a campsite but the kind owner has agreed to forward it to Hayley for her to return to the manufacturers)

We are really enjoying spending time together, at times it feels like we are on our honeymoon rather than an extended holiday, we’re appreciating each others company and having a laugh at the simplest of things.

As always the main diaries have been updated in the diary folder and we are uploading photos to Facebook when we can.

Hope you are all well and you had a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Love and Kisses Ginette and Gary

3 thoughts on “4th Week of our amazing adventure

  1. Pamela Bennington

    Hello Corr`s
    Great that you guys are still enjoying your trip and having fun. Not living your life my the clock but be wonderful. Grey damp morning here in London so you are not missing much ! xx


      1. ggcorr Post author

        Doesn’t sound like you have much to be jealous of – you sound like you’re living life to the full
        Love reading about your adventures on Facebook


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