Fifth Week (or is it week 6)?

Time is flying by…

We are now in Greece, arrived earlier this week by overnight ferry from Italy (nightmare trip described in detail in the main diary).

We have cut the mileage down lots as it is very hot over here and the roads are busy and dusty.

For the past couple of days we have finished cycling early (by 3 pm) and have camped up next to the sea and spent the afternoon sunbathing and trying to relax (which we are not very good at).

Highlight of the week cycling through the town we spent our honeymoon in, we could never have predicted 27 years ago that we would be cycling to Greece from England let alone we would be cycling all the way to New Zealand.

Next stop Rhodes we will be getting the overnight ferry on Monday night. We have booked an apartment on the North of the Island in the hope that we can do some exploring before the kids arrive and learn how to relax.

The apartment works out at €20 a night with a pool which is cheaper than some of the camp sites we’ve stayed at!

Mileage this week approx 330 miles

Hope you’re all well

Love and Kisses Gary and Ginette
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2 thoughts on “Fifth Week (or is it week 6)?

  1. ian

    Great to hear your both fit and healthy
    Sounds like an amazing trip so far
    looking forward to the next update
    Tell us more about the food


    1. ggcorr Post author

      interesting that you should mention food, last night we went out for dinner ( a rare treat) We ended up in a fish restaurant, the waiter was brilliant and made some recommendations so we had a greek salad (huge bowl) some fried anchovies and mussels (shelled) in a rich tomato sauce. It was lovely but unfortunately we both had a bit of an iffy tummy last night, maybe the sauce was a little too rich. We have mainly been eating pasta or rice dishes. Eating out abroad is a completely different experience to the UK, we enjoyed the slow pace, the sharing plates and the banter between the customers and the staff. In the UK no sooner have you sat down than you are pounced on, served and as soon as you put your knife and folk down your bill arrives. We have a lot to learn


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