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Week 12 – First taste of India

Week 12 Delhi

26th June to the 29th June

It has been a really eventful 4 days so we’re going to do 2 blogs this week the first on Delhi and the 2nd on Leh (although depending on internet access this may not be sent until the middle of July).

We’re not sure if landing in the capital city was the best idea we’ve ever had, it really has been like jumping into the deep end of India. Although we’ve seen Delhi and other Indian cities in documentaries and in films it doesn’t prepare you for the reality of being in India.

Delhi in June

It is really hot, even for the locals, it is humid, with very little air to breathe, temperatures in excess of 37c every day including the night

It is noisy 24/7 with horns beeping, people talking and dogs barking

It is really colourful, people wear amazing clothes and there are some beautiful buildings and parks

It is dirty, many of the roads are in poor disrepair, which makes it dusty, and there is rubbish everywhere

People in India are eager to speak english to you, they seemed to find us fascinating, taking pictures and staring, most seemed genuinely interested in helping us but some clearly had other agendas.

We visited a lot of tourist attractions but the highlight of the week was visiting the Taj Mahal.

Although it has been an interesting week we will be in no hurry to go back to Delhi.

We’re both really looking forward to the next stage of our journey, which starts today with a flight to Leh, we’ve been advised to stay in Leh for 3 to 4 days to allow for acclimatisation and then we’re back on our bikes to Manali.

Please note that we will have poor internet access in the Himalayas but will update the blog as and when we can

Hope everyone is well

love and kisses

Ginette and Gary


Week 11 – Istanbul

Week 11

Other than our journey into Istanbul which was quite eventful including our first bike crash (slight exaggeration, Ginette fell off her bike, no damage done) we’ve had a bike free week of being tourists. Although we’ve not been riding our bikes they’ve played a big part in our week, as we have had to store, pack and pay for them to go to India with us.

Istanbul is an amazing, lively city with lots to do and see

It was made more interesting by the fact the city was in the middle of Ramadan, which meant in addition to the call to prayer we also had drums and calls to eat at 02.00am.

We crammed a lot into 4 days and spent way more than our allocated allowance but you only live once and we don’t expect we will ever return to Istanbul

During the week we went to the following:

The Blue Mosque – amazing building
grand bazaar – if you like shopping you would definitely enjoy this experience
spice market – aromas to die for
parks – scatttered across the city, a great way to get from one tourist spot to another
Art museums – especially liked the bike fetish museum
Topkapi Palace – this was worth seeing but it was a long day

We are now in India, which is a complete assault on all of your senses but more on this next week…

Apologies for the order of the pictures but i think with the help of the diaries you can work out the order they should be in.

Love and Kisses Gary and Ginette Xxx

Week 10

Week 10

Tourists for a week, more thunder and lots of punctures

It has been a very hot and thundery week which has made the cycling challenging

Gary has had at least 4 punctures and had to fix them in the midday heat at the time we did not know the cause of them but as the week went on it was clear to see the issue was with the puncture repair kit itself, the patches glue was failing and blistering in the heat and letting the tyres down, very frustrating but now we know the issue we can solve it.

As we are sitting here writing the blog we have just reflected on the fact that we have spent most of the week speaking and listening to English voices. This is because we are in area of great interest to the New Zealand and Australians as they share our history with the Gallipoli campaign.

This week we have visited

Assos; ancient hill top city.
Troy; another ancient city with a Gert big wooden horse.
and Gallipoli; a sad area where thousands of lives were lost in WW1.

We have met some really interesting people and enjoyed our time in this area, more detail in the main diary.

We have a few little mishaps, I got soaked in a toilet, Gary had a tent peg go through his shoe and my thumb popped but we’re both fit and well and looking forward to the next stage of our journey which will be Istanbul and then on to India.

some photos below more to follow when we have better wifi access

Week 9

Week 9
Day 62 to Day 69

A week of elections, main roads, thunder storms and beautiful camp sites

Earlier this week we passed the 2000 miles mark, we’ve cycled approx 42 days (I have taken out any days where we didn’t cycle due to holidays, travel or rest days) which means we have averaged about 41 miles a day (this includes some very short days due to weather or getting too or from ferries and of course to balance this some very long days)

We have had 5 punctures to date (3 on the same day – more detail in the main diaries)

and cycled in 6 countries

I have really enjoyed following the Turkish elections, the Turkish are very passionate about their politics and in each town we have been greeted with banners, posters, TV’s following the news and vans blaring out their political messages. We were in Izmer when the election results came in and it was clear to see a number of the locals were very happy with the results.

Most of our cycling has been on either main roads (route 550) or coastal roads. The main roads are fast and relatively easy to cycle but are a little monotonous and full of lorries and cars (with the exception of one day where we had a clear road for 5 miles). The coast roads are very scenic, but slower due to the hills and heat.

It has been a very warm week, with lots of amazing thunder storms, fortunately we have missed most of them finding shelter in garages and restaurants, we hope we are as lucky when we get to India.

We have been really spoilt with the campsites we have stayed in with many being by the sea in really secluded, beautiful settings, we were really taken with one site so much so that we booked in for two nights, we have taken pictures but I am not sure they do justice to the amazing views and ambience of the place.

Tomorrow we should hit Troy and then onto the Gallipoli area, we have both been reading about these areas so are looking forward to visiting them.

Hope all is well with everyone until next week all our love Ginette and Gary

Week 8

Week 8

Tourist attractions, new experiences and whoops a daisy

We’ve had a fantastic week, lots of new experiences, we’ve met some lovely people and been to some amazing sights including:


Turkey is a beautiful country with lots of mountains and spectacular scenery

We have met some really generous turkish people including the type that invite complete strangers to spend the night with them, others that go out of their way to give you free bread, fruit etc and one family who really wanted to impress us but instead came across as a little bit strange

It was bound to happen sooner or later but I have had my first fall it was not from my bike or alcohol induced I went flying down some marble stairs in Efes – dented my pride and I have a few cuts and bruises.

Tomorrow we set off on the next stage of our adventure we will be heading up the coast to Istanbul (taking in Troy and Gallipoli on the way)
We hope everyone is well and we look forward to hearing from you soon

Full diaries can be found in the usual place, lots of detail so we suggest you grab a drink before you begin

Lots of love Ginette and Gary