Week 8

Week 8

Tourist attractions, new experiences and whoops a daisy

We’ve had a fantastic week, lots of new experiences, we’ve met some lovely people and been to some amazing sights including:


Turkey is a beautiful country with lots of mountains and spectacular scenery

We have met some really generous turkish people including the type that invite complete strangers to spend the night with them, others that go out of their way to give you free bread, fruit etc and one family who really wanted to impress us but instead came across as a little bit strange

It was bound to happen sooner or later but I have had my first fall it was not from my bike or alcohol induced I went flying down some marble stairs in Efes – dented my pride and I have a few cuts and bruises.

Tomorrow we set off on the next stage of our adventure we will be heading up the coast to Istanbul (taking in Troy and Gallipoli on the way)
We hope everyone is well and we look forward to hearing from you soon

Full diaries can be found in the usual place, lots of detail so we suggest you grab a drink before you begin

Lots of love Ginette and Gary

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  1. Pam Beattie

    It’s great to be following you and really enjoying your updates, this last one brought back memories as you are following in our footsteps of 20+ years ago. Stunning places to visit, but we did it the easy way and flew!! Love to you both xxx


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