Week 10

Week 10

Tourists for a week, more thunder and lots of punctures

It has been a very hot and thundery week which has made the cycling challenging

Gary has had at least 4 punctures and had to fix them in the midday heat at the time we did not know the cause of them but as the week went on it was clear to see the issue was with the puncture repair kit itself, the patches glue was failing and blistering in the heat and letting the tyres down, very frustrating but now we know the issue we can solve it.

As we are sitting here writing the blog we have just reflected on the fact that we have spent most of the week speaking and listening to English voices. This is because we are in area of great interest to the New Zealand and Australians as they share our history with the Gallipoli campaign.

This week we have visited

Assos; ancient hill top city.
Troy; another ancient city with a Gert big wooden horse.
and Gallipoli; a sad area where thousands of lives were lost in WW1.

We have met some really interesting people and enjoyed our time in this area, more detail in the main diary.

We have a few little mishaps, I got soaked in a toilet, Gary had a tent peg go through his shoe and my thumb popped but we’re both fit and well and looking forward to the next stage of our journey which will be Istanbul and then on to India.

some photos below more to follow when we have better wifi access

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