Week 11 – Istanbul

Week 11

Other than our journey into Istanbul which was quite eventful including our first bike crash (slight exaggeration, Ginette fell off her bike, no damage done) we’ve had a bike free week of being tourists. Although we’ve not been riding our bikes they’ve played a big part in our week, as we have had to store, pack and pay for them to go to India with us.

Istanbul is an amazing, lively city with lots to do and see

It was made more interesting by the fact the city was in the middle of Ramadan, which meant in addition to the call to prayer we also had drums and calls to eat at 02.00am.

We crammed a lot into 4 days and spent way more than our allocated allowance but you only live once and we don’t expect we will ever return to Istanbul

During the week we went to the following:

The Blue Mosque – amazing building
grand bazaar – if you like shopping you would definitely enjoy this experience
spice market – aromas to die for
parks – scatttered across the city, a great way to get from one tourist spot to another
Art museums – especially liked the bike fetish museum
Topkapi Palace – this was worth seeing but it was a long day

We are now in India, which is a complete assault on all of your senses but more on this next week…

Apologies for the order of the pictures but i think with the help of the diaries you can work out the order they should be in.

Love and Kisses Gary and Ginette Xxx

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  1. Bob Hutton

    Getting more and more exotic, thanks again for taking the time to keep us informed.

    Keep well

    Bob and Su


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