Week 12 – First taste of India

Week 12 Delhi

26th June to the 29th June

It has been a really eventful 4 days so we’re going to do 2 blogs this week the first on Delhi and the 2nd on Leh (although depending on internet access this may not be sent until the middle of July).

We’re not sure if landing in the capital city was the best idea we’ve ever had, it really has been like jumping into the deep end of India. Although we’ve seen Delhi and other Indian cities in documentaries and in films it doesn’t prepare you for the reality of being in India.

Delhi in June

It is really hot, even for the locals, it is humid, with very little air to breathe, temperatures in excess of 37c every day including the night

It is noisy 24/7 with horns beeping, people talking and dogs barking

It is really colourful, people wear amazing clothes and there are some beautiful buildings and parks

It is dirty, many of the roads are in poor disrepair, which makes it dusty, and there is rubbish everywhere

People in India are eager to speak english to you, they seemed to find us fascinating, taking pictures and staring, most seemed genuinely interested in helping us but some clearly had other agendas.

We visited a lot of tourist attractions but the highlight of the week was visiting the Taj Mahal.

Although it has been an interesting week we will be in no hurry to go back to Delhi.

We’re both really looking forward to the next stage of our journey, which starts today with a flight to Leh, we’ve been advised to stay in Leh for 3 to 4 days to allow for acclimatisation and then we’re back on our bikes to Manali.

Please note that we will have poor internet access in the Himalayas but will update the blog as and when we can

Hope everyone is well

love and kisses

Ginette and Gary


5 thoughts on “Week 12 – First taste of India

  1. Rob Britton

    G & G

    Looks like your both having a fantastic time and wish I could meet up with you both but reality is another thing. Keep the blogs coming, great reading.

    Rob B


  2. Gary Edwards

    Wow thx for the heads up guys think i will give Delhi a miss , sounds like Yatton on a bad day! You both look amazingly well the trip must be doing you the WORLD of good(tee hee) We love the blogs keep them coming miss you both lots of love Gary & Nikki


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