A short update we have landed safety In Leh.

Internet connection and phone access is really poor up here so we’re taking this opportunity to give you a quick update.

Leh is a strange place, much bigger than we thought it would be and full of tourist, it has taken 4 days but the area has slowly growing on us

There’s lots of opportunities to do trekking, rafting, cycling and touring at altitude, we have done none of these as we have been struggling with a bit of Delhi belly and acclimatising. Hopefully we will start the Leh to Manila highway tomorrow or the next day depending on our tums.

next update in 10 days

take care

Ginette and Gary

3 thoughts on “Leh

  1. ggcorr Post author

    Made easier by a plane from Istanbul to new Delhi and one from New Delhi to Leh – hopefully no more planes now until New Zealand. We’re really looking forward to the rest of India and South East Asia

    hope you are well?

    Love Gary and Ginette


    1. helena kovacs

      what an experience – I know it must be a bit of a pain with the wifi etc but you are providing a fantastic insight to us boring ones ! thank you …. ps Ginette you constantly look as fresh as a daisy …amazing !


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