Leh to Manali – Mission aborted

Mission aborted – Leh to Manali Highway (highway to hell for us -but an ‘adventure’)

What can we say….

We fell ill in Leh and should have delayed our trip but were keen to start the next stage of our journey.

Day one we achieved 13,000 feet but suffered for it

Day two another 1,000 feet in less than 2 hours and we had to stop

Day three, climbed another 2,000 feet and hitched a lift to the highest point and cycled down to Pang one of the hardest cycling days of our lives, the conditions were hard but for us our health was the stumbling block not necessarily the road conditions.

Day four, aborted mission and hitched a lift in an oil tanker, what an experience, we’re not sure this was the easy option. Some people would pay a fortune for the thrilling, dangerous experience. Finished by spending the night with a snoring sheik in a cab at the top of a snow clad, foggy mountain and this was a relief.

Day five, arrived in Manali safe and sound but still in need of some recovery time.

3 thoughts on “Leh to Manali – Mission aborted

  1. andrea

    sorry to hear you suffered from altitude – love your adventures, thanks for the updates and stories!


  2. Chris Burton

    What an adventure. The photos look amazing and you look well. Sorry to hear you’re not. Take it easy and enjoy the atmosphere. Cx


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