Manali to Dharmsala

Day 97 to 105
Manali to Dharmsala

India so far has been colourful, noisy, full of animals, dirty and interesting

We stayed in Manali to recuperate and to re think the next stage of our trip. The monsoons have hit northern India and when it rains, boy does it rain. So we have decided we will head to Indonesia (which is dry and sunny) but before we go we want to experience as much of India as we can.

Following a recommendation we have cycled to Dharmsala (home of the Dalai Lama (and a place the Beatles apparently visited), it has taken three days and we have already seen a different side of India to that offered in Delhi and the tourist areas of Leh and Manali. The roads and towns are quieter and the locals are more welcoming although we have encountered more wildlife including wild monkeys.

Tomorrow we will head to Punjab to see the Golden Temple before heading to Chandigarh to catch a train down to Mumbai so that we can cycle the coastal road to Goa before heading to Indonesia.

hope all is well with everyone reading this

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Please note the photos are in reverse date order

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  1. Julie young

    If I had the money I would come and be you support crew for a bit. Love seeing pictures and hearing how your doing.


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