Sri Lanka – part 1

Sri Lanka

We love Sri Lanka, it is a beautiful, sunny exotic island, with smiley faces everywhere, spicy food and low cost accommodation.

The last week has felt a bit like a holiday, lots of coastal cycle rides, festivals and some amazing views.

We are heading in land now and the terrain is becoming a little more challenging especially in the heat but we are loving it.

Not much to report so some interesting facts for you – we have cycled over 3,000 miles, we’re over budget (no surprise, not helped by some unexpected costs from home), we’ve both lost at least a stone in weight, we’ve not had a hair cut in 4 months (Gary looks very funny with curly hair, check the photos) and we’re still enjoying our adventure.

Hope all is well at home

love and kisses

Ginette and Gary

5 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – part 1

  1. Alex

    Sulzer works office have all had a giggle at Gary’s portrait.
    Responses ranged from “:)” to “Get a hair cut!”

    Hope your both having fun.


  2. Bob Hutton

    Absolutely amazing, what a great adventure.

    Looks a fabulous place, it will be difficult moving on from there.


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