Sri Lanka Part 3 (Airport trip from hell)

Our last days in Sri Lanka were uneventful, we slowly made our way back to the guest house we stayed in on our first night in Sri Lanka and managed to avoid the rain.

Leaving Sri Lanka was another story, we pitched up at the airport on the 19th for our booked flight and walked away on principle as Air Asia wanted to charge us a staggering £600 excess luggage charge. We rebooked our flights with another company for the following day and are now in Jakarta.

Jakarta is a big, bustling city, we have been to a mall on the back of a motorbike, been dragon boating and been to see some of the tourist sights but we’re ready now to cycle off and see what Indonesia has to offer. Gary’s planned the route and I know he’s keen to see some volcanoes so I can imagine the route is going to be very hilly.

Before we leave the big city we will go to an ATM and take out another million or two (rupees) so that we can try some more of the tasty chinese food on offer. Our next update will probably be from Bali, take care love

Gary and Ginette