Indonesia – Java Part 2

How spoilt we’ve been unlike sunny Sri Lanka, Java is humid, overcast and although the people are friendly they are a lot more reserved than the people in Sri Lanka and India.

The roads are very busy, dusty and noisy, to try and break the monotony we have tried cycling on smaller back roads with mixed results including trying to cycle through fields and up hills in excess of 30% – Stuart would be proud of some of the routes we’ve found.

We’re still enjoying the adventure but the cycling this week has not been as interesting as other areas there’s very little wild life and the towns all look very much alike.

One of our biggest challenges this week has been the lack of language skills, this has made it difficult having conversations and especially difficult ordering food as the menus rarely contain any english words and for some bizarre reason my body has suddenly taken a dislike to anything that looks like an animal, the mere sight of a chicken leg turns my stomach.

We’re hoping next week will be a little more exciting one of our paddle friends, Nicola, has suggested some tourist sights for us to visit which we are heading towards and should reach in the next day or two before heading back to the East coast and onto Bali.

hope you’re all having a lovely bank holiday weekend

love Gary and Ginette

3 thoughts on “Indonesia – Java Part 2

  1. Bob Hutton

    You’re both looking in great shape, fantastic up-date, thanks.

    Beats work hands down.

    Keep well, both of you.


  2. Alan Bearn

    Many thanks for your updates. Always interesting. Makes me think ‘why on earth am I stiil working.!


    1. ggcorr Post author

      Hi Alan, Its good to hear from you. I have no regrets taking the time out to do this trip, If your asking yourself why you are still working then maybe its time you looked at your options as well, after all we are only given one shot at living our lives.


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