Laos is a very poor country, the people are incredibly laid back (mostly asleep) but friendly. The children are a delight they’re so excited to see us often shouting hello and trying to cycle and run alongside us.

The landscape has changed rapidly as we’ve cycled south through the country we’ve seen forest clad mountains, man made lakes, limestone rocks, caves, buddhist temples and for the past 3 days we’ve followed the Mekong River.

The roads vary from being in a good condition to muddy rutty tracks, mostly they’re very poor and challenging to ride on our bikes

We’ve cycled through some off the beaten track villages, where most of the houses are on stilts and are made of wood. In the north of the area the houses were little more than shacks but as we’ve cycle south the houses have improved. A number of the villages don’t even show up on our maps and as for planning accommodation, we have just had to take a leap of faith that we will find somewhere or camp which would not be so easy as they’re a lot of UXO’s still in Laos.

We are making our way down to Cambodia but hope to exchange our bicycles for motorbikes this week so that we can ride the Belaven Plateau.

Hope all is well back home

love and kisses

Ginette and Gary

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