Laos – Part 2

Laos part 2

A different type of week. We’ve had a sandwich of cycling long boring roads with 3 days of discovering Laos on a motorbike.

We’ve seen lots of waterfalls and tourist attractions, hopefully the photo’s capture some of the great sights we’ve seen.

The people in Laos are friendly but so laid back and not at all business orientated, the tourist attractions have been free or pence to enter and cafes have been reluctant to serve us even when they have drinks or food available, we don’t think they intend to be rude they just can’t be bothered and would rather direct you to the cafe down the road.

We are now on Don Khong Island, we will probably spend a day or two playing on the islands before heading into Cambodia mid week.

If you have no plans on the 25th October, Hayley is running the Bristol to Bath marathon, we unfortunately can’t be there so would be grateful if everyone else can wish her well and give her support her number is 3700

Take care until our next update

love Gary and Ginette

9 thoughts on “Laos – Part 2

    1. Candy and ian

      Scott and Gemma are cheering some friends as they go through hanham will give them Hayley’s number they will give her a shout as she goes through if there’s no
      Paddling we will join them . Still loving the blogs glad your still finding lots of steps to climb we know how much gary enjoys them . Missing you loads can’t wait see all your photos x


      1. ggcorr Post author

        Good to hear from you – we will let Hayley know so that she can keep an eye out for Gemma and Scott

        we’ve got lots and lots of photos and look forward to showing you an edited version of them lol

        take care

        Ginette and Gary


  1. Nicola

    Another fascinating week for you two. I think the Buddhist culture plays a big part in the laid back feel. No rush, no hurry to do anything , which can in turn be restful and highly stressful! You’re dealing with very different cultural values. It’s not just about food and temples but also about other people’s concept of time. I certainly learnt not to get angry or be impatient as it made no sense to anyone! And Laos seems to be in a very unusual place for this planet. Not over developed yet but with many western goods creeping in.

    Hope you gave that snake a wide berth. Yikes!

    Just back from a db session. Great. Cold ( but not for long!) and I always think of you both.
    Enjoy Cambodia. Looking forward to reading your blog! Love to you both xxx


  2. Lisa

    How do you continue to look glamorous in any situation!?! You’ve even got your nails done!! I’m struggling to stay vaguely ladylike just with lots of gardening & decorating;) sounds like you’re having an amazing time – keep up the blogs!!


    1. ggcorr Post author

      Thats really nice of you to notice how glamorous I look but I don’t have my nails painted, you must have mistaken Ginettes hands for mine, love Gary.


  3. Tracy

    Miss you guys so much was fantastic talking to you via Skype made mums day.
    We are going to Bath to support H
    Phil Me mum and Rich


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