End of Laos – Beginning of Cambodia

End of Laos and start of Cambodia.

The last few days in Laos we spent on and around the 4000 Islands. Ginette had a bit of a wobble so we stayed a couple of days longer than originally planned.

We have now cycled into Cambodia and have taken our first public bus journey with our bikes.

This area of Laos and Cambodia is a bottle neck for travellers coming and going from either country so we have met lots of like minded western speaking souls so the socialising has been a nice aspect.

First impressions of Cambodia is that the people are poorer (judged by the poorer condition of the stick houses and the lack of satellite dishes common in Vietnam and Laos) and that the roads are in a worse state of repair. Everyone is still really friendly and this time we have children running to great us but shouting “hello” in English, its been a while since we had this.

Today our daughter Hayley runs the Bristol to Bath marathon – we are very proud parents of a mad girl.

Next stage is to head to the mountains as Ginettte has found a new love of hill climbing.

Love Gary and Ginette.

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  1. Tracy the favorite Sister

    Love the picture of the old guy who looks like Gary I can see the resemblance
    I hope you did not eat the puppy.


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