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Cycling Thailand Part 2

Cycling Thailand part 2

More elephants, but this time in the wild, we’ve also seen some huge snakes, centipedes and heard some very noisy frogs

We’re now cycling north and have diverted to take in Nam Noa National Park and the mountains.

It has been a fairly uneventful week but we have taken part in the Loi Krathong festival and we’ve had a couple of days camping in the Nam Noa National Park.

We’re heading to another national park over more mountains on our way to the northern tip of Thailand, we’re still heading towards Chiang Mai, a popular tourist destination.

hope all is well back at home

love Gary and Ginette

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Cycling Cambodia Part 5 and Thailand Part 1

An interesting end to our time in Cambodia in contrast to Southern and Central Cambodia the North is very poor and rural. Before leaving Cambodia we visited the Preah Vihear temple which is a much fought over mountainous border area and we also stayed Anlong Veng the last strong hold of the Khmer Rouge.

We’ve cycled across the border where Pol Pot was cremated, ironically a casino now stands opposite his last resting place.

Our first impressions of Thailand, it is wealthy, they have solid structured buildings, modern shops including Tesco’s, more cars than motorbikes and people are fatter and dress in western clothes.

As our Facebook followers will know we’ve spent the last few days in a village called Surin, enjoying the Elephant Gathering which consists of an elephant banquet and a re-enactment show.

We’re planning on heading north to Chow Mien, this is about 550 miles away (Gary, we are actually heading to Chiang Mai, But the alien that has taken over Ginette’s body cant spell, Ginette – that’s not true I’m just silly enough to type what ever curly locks says)

Hope everyone is OK in the UK, please stay safe and warm, just in case you’re wondering it’s 37 degrees here and we’re not missing the British winter at all : )

love to you all

Gary and Ginette

Cycling Cambodia Part 4

Cycling Cambodia Part 4

A week of travelling by bus, sight seeing, monkey attacks and an incident with the local police

We got a bus from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh as we had already cycled this route

Visited the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh which is an amazing building

We then took a bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reep as we had read the road was long and flat and in a poor condition. I’m not sure if it was the road conditions or the thought of eating deep fried spiders which were on offer at our first pit stop but I spent most of the journey feeling sick or throwing up yukk. Taking this short cut has bought us a little more time to play in the North of Cambodia before our visa runs out and we cycle across the border to Thailand

In Siem Reep we visited the temples where a monkey took a disliking to Gary. The temples were really interesting Gary has provided a rating for these in the main pages which can be found at the top of the page under Cambodia pages 218 to 224.

Our week was rounded by being ‘abducted’ by the local police in the middle of the night apparently they don’t like you camping even when you have permission, we were first taken to the local police station and then escorted to a local ‘guest house’, our tent arrived an hour later with the poles still attached to the tent!

hope all is well at home


Ginette and Gary

Cycling Cambodia Part 3

Cycling Cambodia Part 3

Three days of cycling from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville on the Southern Coast of Cambodia

We stopped in Kampot for a day of sightseeing the coastal town of Kep and the Bokor Mountains.

We’re now in Sihanoukville having spent a couple of days scuba diving, leaning some self defence (Krav Maga) and resting on a remote island called Koh Rong Sanleom in the gulf of Thailand.

Southern part of Cambodia is very western and full of tourists totally different to the other areas of Cambodia we’ve cycled through, but still enjoyable if not more expensive.

We have seen the weather conditions in the UK so thought we would share the fact that It has rained here several times and was even overcast one afternoon, dropping down to 26 degrees at one point.

We feel very rested and ready to head to Siem Reap for more sight seeing at Angkor Wat.

Thank you for the comments we’ve received to date, it is great to hear what is going on at home so please keep them coming.

Just a little reminder that you can find more details in the pages at the top of the web site, or simply ask us a question and we will try and answer it

Hope you are all well

love Ginette and Gary