Cycling Cambodia Part 3

Cycling Cambodia Part 3

Three days of cycling from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville on the Southern Coast of Cambodia

We stopped in Kampot for a day of sightseeing the coastal town of Kep and the Bokor Mountains.

We’re now in Sihanoukville having spent a couple of days scuba diving, leaning some self defence (Krav Maga) and resting on a remote island called Koh Rong Sanleom in the gulf of Thailand.

Southern part of Cambodia is very western and full of tourists totally different to the other areas of Cambodia we’ve cycled through, but still enjoyable if not more expensive.

We have seen the weather conditions in the UK so thought we would share the fact that It has rained here several times and was even overcast one afternoon, dropping down to 26 degrees at one point.

We feel very rested and ready to head to Siem Reap for more sight seeing at Angkor Wat.

Thank you for the comments we’ve received to date, it is great to hear what is going on at home so please keep them coming.

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Hope you are all well

love Ginette and Gary

4 thoughts on “Cycling Cambodia Part 3

  1. ian

    Hi Guys
    Sounds like you’re really getting into the travelling
    What’s the food like. And have you camped ?
    I’m looking forward to hearing about Ankor
    Sounds amazing trip, and the updates are brilliant
    take care and be safe.



    1. ggcorr Post author


      good to hear from you, food is variable we’ve had excellent and basic, we have camped but in South East Asia it is so cheap and hot we tend to stay in guest houses. Lots more detail in our pages which can be seen by opening the pages at the top of the screen, we keep a daily diary and post weekly, this is mainly for ourselves but contains lots more detail


  2. Nicola

    Well hello you two. Always a pleasure to read your blog. Great you managed to see done other parts of Cambodia too not affected by tourism, although let’s be honest good for them for making a living. A country with such a hard history, yet with a rich fertile land.
    Angkor Wat is brilliant (although may be busy). There are other temples nearby too. It’s magical. Enjoy it! Xxx


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