Cycling Thailand Part 3

Cycling Thailand part 3

Buddhas, Temples and very rude town names

North Thailand has not been as dramatic and interesting as we thought it would be, we have enjoyed the national parks with the forests and waterfalls but the roads have been flat with a few lumps and dare we say it a bit dull.

We have seen some amazing buddhas and temples some unplanned (Phra That Phu Sorn Kaew Temple) and some planned for example the historical ancient city of Si Satchanalai which is very close to Sawankhalok and Poo Resort.

Thailand has been preparing for the Kings 88th birthday so it has been a week of celebrations, including displays, fireworks and lots of yellow teeshirts.

We have now reached Chaing Mai in the North of Thailand and we are currently debating our next move, so we can’t tell you where we will be this time next week but we will be in Thailand somewhere.

Hope you are all well

bye for now

love Gary and Ginette

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