Cycling Thailand – Part 7

Cycling Thailand Part 7

Happy New Year (S̄wạs̄dī pī h̄ım̀)

A week of bikes, buses and ferries

We’ve spent the last 4 days chilling in Koh Pha -Ngan, well that was the plan but once on the island we couldn’t resist the temptation of the full moon party for New Year which was great 50,000 people of all ages, sizes and nationalities partying on a 1 km beach, lots of bars and entertainment including 5 music stages and lots of bars – definitely one to remember for many years to come.

We have also experienced some not so nice sights, including watching a young man receiving CPR after a bike crash, 2 people nearly drowning and a westerner crashing into a straw hut. We think we’ve seen enough drama in the first day of 2016 to last us for the year.

Tomorrow we will be heading back to the main land to continue our travels to Malaysia, our next destination is Krabi to see the best beaches in Thailand.

Hope you’re all well and we wish you all a healthy and peaceful 2016.

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