Cycling Thailand Part 8

Cycling Thailand Part 8

We cycled down the east coast and across to Krabi.

Krabi is a very touristy and beautiful area. We spent 3 days chilling in the area, visiting Phi Phi (another island) and kayaking around some paradise bays and stunning lime stone cliffs and in the evening we sat back and enjoyed some amazing sun sets. This area of Thailand is stunning but so unlike the rest of Thailand that we’ve cycled through, definitely worth a visit.

After over 7,000 miles we suffered our first major bike repair, Gary’s chain broke and he needed a new rear sprocket set.

We are now in Malaysia, tossing it off on another holiday island but will be heading down south later this week, we have flights booked from Kuala Lumper on the 22nd January to Sydney.

Thinking of you all back in the UK wish you could be here

Love and Kisses

Ginette and Gary

2 thoughts on “Cycling Thailand Part 8

  1. Bob Hutton

    Brilliant update again, thanks.

    Had a great time in Sydney a few years back, more fun to come.

    Busted chain and sprocket isn’t bad after all you’ve done, quality bikes.


    1. ggcorr Post author

      great to hear from you – we’ll only be in Sydney for a weekend we’re meeting some friends before flying to Tasmania. Depending on time we may go back to Oz and cycle the great coast road before going to New Zealand. Time is flying by…


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