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Week 2 in North Island

Week 2 in North Island

It could be summed up by hills and lots of fun in water.

We have had two days off the bike, Stuart has done some white water rafting, we’ve been treated to a day on a yacht, we hired some kayaks and paddled to some amazing Maori cave drawings and if that was not enough we’ve spent most evenings chilling in hot pools some of which were awesome

The days we’ve spent on the bike have been very hilly, it is like cycling in telly tubby land with lots of rolling hills. Other than the fact that we have passed lots of avocado and kiwi fruit farms we could so easily be cycling in rural England

We have met more cycle tourers on route and stayed in some very well equipped camp sites, so much so we feel like we are glamping.

We’re heading to Wellington this week and then on to South Island
Hope all is well with everyone

Love and Kisses

Gary, Ginette and Stuart






Corr’s cycle New Zealand Part 1

New Zealand

The last part of our trip and two have become three.

A week of rain, steep hills, bike and IT problems

We had a couple of days in Auckland, one of which was spent on a volcanic island in the bay.

Stuart arrived on Valentines Day, he was pretty zombified after his long journey but still managed a 27 mile ride on arrival on a bike with insufficient gears

We have spent the week cycling part of the Cormandel Peninsula we are making our way south having experienced a few days of rain which we blame Stuart for bringing from the UK, he also has cursed us with punctures and off road hillclimbs  (so bad that we had to help push a car up), it may be is magnetic personality but since he’s been here Ginette’s iPod has died, her bike computer has reset itself and Gary’s Garmin has frozen. In fact if this carries on we are going to send Stuart home.

Only 6 weeks left, where has the time gone…

Look forward to seeing you all soon

Gary, Ginette and Stuart

Tasmania Part 2

Wild West Tasmania

We’ve now cycled up the west side of Tasmania which was very mountainous and wild

We’ve wild camped most nights staying by some very lovely lakes or as we refer to them as  our ‘bath’

There’s very little infrastructure so shops, cafes and wifi are scarce but the people are lovely and welcoming, it is such a small island that we’ve bumped into several people 2 or more times in different areas including Richard’s (Gary’s stepdad) Doppleganger

We haven’t seen as much wildlife but we did spend one night with a wallaby in our tent and the birds have woken us with some interesting calls especially the ‘OK bird’

Cradle Mountain was amazing but very expensive, fortunately a family we’d met on route took pity on us and took us into the national park saving us a further £16.

Hope everyone is fit and well. We are leaving for New Zealand in the morning, Tasmania was interesting and we would recommend it for anyone who loves windy rides, beautiful views and mountain climbs.














Corr’s cycling Tasmania Part 1

Bush Fires and Flooding!!
Strange smells, noises and cute, funny looking animals.

Tasmania is a beautiful island with an interesting history

The island has some amazing coast line and lots of bush unfortunately for us we arrived when the west of the island was suffering from wild bush fires closing a number of roads and the east was experiencing the worse flooding they’d seen in years. We had chosen to cycle down the east coast so as you can imagine we got very wet and had to stop in Bicheno for a day as the roads were closed all around us.

In between the rain we have seen some beautiful coastal views and met some lovely fellow cycle tourers.

The cycling has been hard as the island is very hilly, full of road kill and there are very few shops, cafes and accommodation on route, if this wasn’t bad enough it is a very expensive island especially compared to Asia and the internet access is very poor.

The highlight of our week was visiting Marie Island where we saw lots of wildlife including Wombats and the elusive Tasmanian Devil

There’s lots more information in our diaries section of the website.

Hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing you soon only 2 more months to go.