Corr’s cycling Tasmania Part 1

Bush Fires and Flooding!!
Strange smells, noises and cute, funny looking animals.

Tasmania is a beautiful island with an interesting history

The island has some amazing coast line and lots of bush unfortunately for us we arrived when the west of the island was suffering from wild bush fires closing a number of roads and the east was experiencing the worse flooding they’d seen in years. We had chosen to cycle down the east coast so as you can imagine we got very wet and had to stop in Bicheno for a day as the roads were closed all around us.

In between the rain we have seen some beautiful coastal views and met some lovely fellow cycle tourers.

The cycling has been hard as the island is very hilly, full of road kill and there are very few shops, cafes and accommodation on route, if this wasn’t bad enough it is a very expensive island especially compared to Asia and the internet access is very poor.

The highlight of our week was visiting Marie Island where we saw lots of wildlife including Wombats and the elusive Tasmanian Devil

There’s lots more information in our diaries section of the website.

Hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing you soon only 2 more months to go.

7 thoughts on “Corr’s cycling Tasmania Part 1

    1. ggcorr Post author

      we know what a bummer – we’ll have to commit ourselves to another year of travelling but we’ll wait until we’ve saved some more pennies before we set off again


  1. Nicola

    What a contrast to Asia! Can’t believe you’ll be back in 2 months. Love your pictures and blogs and a great way to keep those memories. Xx


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