Tasmania Part 2

Wild West Tasmania

We’ve now cycled up the west side of Tasmania which was very mountainous and wild

We’ve wild camped most nights staying by some very lovely lakes or as we refer to them as  our ‘bath’

There’s very little infrastructure so shops, cafes and wifi are scarce but the people are lovely and welcoming, it is such a small island that we’ve bumped into several people 2 or more times in different areas including Richard’s (Gary’s stepdad) Doppleganger

We haven’t seen as much wildlife but we did spend one night with a wallaby in our tent and the birds have woken us with some interesting calls especially the ‘OK bird’

Cradle Mountain was amazing but very expensive, fortunately a family we’d met on route took pity on us and took us into the national park saving us a further £16.

Hope everyone is fit and well. We are leaving for New Zealand in the morning, Tasmania was interesting and we would recommend it for anyone who loves windy rides, beautiful views and mountain climbs.














3 thoughts on “Tasmania Part 2

  1. Julia & Chris

    Tasmania looks very hilly/hard work but beautiful! I’m loving tracking your progress and showing my work team your photos.

    Gary looks like he’s settled into the ‘wild’ traveller look and Ginette you look glamorous as always! Chris, me and bump look forward to seeing you back in cold grey Britain in a few months’ time x


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