Corr’s cycle New Zealand Part 1

New Zealand

The last part of our trip and two have become three.

A week of rain, steep hills, bike and IT problems

We had a couple of days in Auckland, one of which was spent on a volcanic island in the bay.

Stuart arrived on Valentines Day, he was pretty zombified after his long journey but still managed a 27 mile ride on arrival on a bike with insufficient gears

We have spent the week cycling part of the Cormandel Peninsula we are making our way south having experienced a few days of rain which we blame Stuart for bringing from the UK, he also has cursed us with punctures and off road hillclimbs  (so bad that we had to help push a car up), it may be is magnetic personality but since he’s been here Ginette’s iPod has died, her bike computer has reset itself and Gary’s Garmin has frozen. In fact if this carries on we are going to send Stuart home.

Only 6 weeks left, where has the time gone…

Look forward to seeing you all soon

Gary, Ginette and Stuart

5 thoughts on “Corr’s cycle New Zealand Part 1

  1. Gary Edwards

    Ah that’s where Stuart is, that’ll be why he’s not answering the home phone!! Hope you all enjoy the last leg of your epic journey and looking forward to seeing you back in UK. Still not happy with Gazzas beard makes him look dodgy! Hope you’ll be back for Bristol Dragon boat festival as Shrek has convinced me to paddle – my body thought it was done with all that twisting stuff! Enjoy NZ guys and see you soon . Gary & Nikki xx


  2. Tony & Beth (Met Lao) Four Thousand Islands

    We are watching you. We are presently in the South Island but crossing north soon. Would love to catch up somewhere. NZ has lots of hills……. Enjoy


  3. Chris Burton

    How fast the time has flown – seems like only yesterday you left Castlewood! (Not that you wanted reminding but it must be almost a year I am deep in the throw of Primary Care contracts and in the light of budget cuts aren’t you pleased you’re out of it!). Not sure when you are leaving N.Z. but we are flying into Christchurch (to see Megan who is now working there) on April 8th. If you are still around it would be great to meet up. So jealous when I read your blog. If you are in Christchurch before we get there I am sure Megan could show you some awesome surfing! She’s living in Sumner right on the beach. Hope to see you soon. Chris x

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    1. ggcorr Post author

      good to hear from you
      How fantastic that you’re coming to New Zealand unfortunately
      we’re leaving Christchurch on the 1st April, heading back home, we’ve really enjoyed our year out and would love to do more travelling but we’ll need to save a few pennies.
      Although I don’t envy you doing the primary care contracts I do need to think about a job on my return so if you here of anything please give me a shout.

      take care


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