Week 2 in North Island

Week 2 in North Island

It could be summed up by hills and lots of fun in water.

We have had two days off the bike, Stuart has done some white water rafting, we’ve been treated to a day on a yacht, we hired some kayaks and paddled to some amazing Maori cave drawings and if that was not enough we’ve spent most evenings chilling in hot pools some of which were awesome

The days we’ve spent on the bike have been very hilly, it is like cycling in telly tubby land with lots of rolling hills. Other than the fact that we have passed lots of avocado and kiwi fruit farms we could so easily be cycling in rural England

We have met more cycle tourers on route and stayed in some very well equipped camp sites, so much so we feel like we are glamping.

We’re heading to Wellington this week and then on to South Island
Hope all is well with everyone

Love and Kisses

Gary, Ginette and Stuart






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