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New Zealand – Week 6

Week 6 – in South Island

Our last week of cycling with fully laden bikes, and what a year we have had.

We spent the beginning of the week being teased – we cycled past jet boating, bungee jumping and wineries but we were short on cash and time so didn’t indulge in any of these events but stopped briefly to watch others take part.

We have spent this last 3 days cycling an off road, old rail track which has been a really  scenic and sometimes wet ride. We topped this off with a train ride on one of the most scenic train journeys we have ever been on.

We are now travelling by car, courtesy of our friends Tony and Beth, this way we can double back up to the central mountains to take in areas we would have missed if we’d cycled up the coast to Christchurch including Mount Cook.

Our thoughts are now focusing on home and reunions with our family and friends.

Whilst writing this our friends Lisa and Sharon are participating in the DW race we know how hard and challenging this race is so we’d like to mention them in this blog, our thoughts are with them and the other competitors taking part – good luck guys.

All the best

Gary, Ginette and Stuart

New Zealand – South Island

Week 5 in South Island – West Coast done!

A mixed week with the weather, terrain and moods.

It has been a wet week so much so wet that we have paid to stay in accommodation on two nights rather than using the tents.

The terrain at the beginning of the week was a little bit disappointing but the last few days from Frans Josef to Queenstown has been hillier with some spectacular glacial, mountain and lake views.

We have met some like minded travellers on route many cycling the North to South cycle challenge (The Bluff). We have also met up with some friends we made in Laos, Beth and Tony, who have spoilt us rotten, bringing us beer, food, and encouragement whilst we rode up a rather big mountain. They even took us to ‘Paradise’ and back.

We have another interesting week ahead but then we are going to use a car to do a bit of touring as we feel parts of New Zealand are same, same but not different, which can lead to a boring ride and deflated moods.

It is hard to believe that we will be home in 2 weeks, where has the time gone…







Week 4 in New Zealand

Now in South Island

Wow! We can’t believe how fast the time is going

We are now in South Island, which is starting to get colder (even Stuart has had to put on his leggings and jacket).

The views are more spectacular we especially liked the views on the ferry from the North Island to the South Island.

The mountain views and long valleys are “same, same but different” as the UK (an Asian saying) with the dwellings making the biggest difference.

We have travelled across the top of the Island and have made it to the west coast and plan to travel down this hilly coast to some glaciers mid week before going to Queenstown.

We’re hoping the weather will improve because as we write this it is a cold, wet, windy day in Greymouth.

Good luck to all the seniors time trialling for the GB Dragon Boat Team

All the best

Gary, Ginette and Stuart


Corr’s cycle New Zealand Week 3

Week 3 in North Island

More hills, it is getting colder and we’ve had a couple of treats.

The weather hasn’t been great but much better than the forecast of non stop rain for 4 days. We have got wet on a couple of the days and it has been very windy, at one point we struggled to cycle along a flat stretch of road at 7mph.

We have stayed in a mixture of camps in some beautiful settings. They’ve all been less touristy, which suits us and most have been either by a river or by the sea which has allowed the boys to have a play, I’ve been far too cold to join in, Stuart finds this hilarious as he has spent the week in shorts and teeshirt.

We have even had the ‘luxury’ of staying in hotels, once as a treat after a really hard day on the bike (an interesting experience, read the diary for more on this) and a pre booked backpackers hotel in Wellington.

We’ve watched dragon boating and caught up with some new and old friends.

The scenery has already started to change with much more mountain backdrops our next stop is the South Island, where we’ve been told to prepare for much bigger and more spectacular views and hills (And colder weather). We look forward to sharing photos and tales of these next week, until then take care.

Lots of Love Ginette, Gary and Stuart