Last Week of Our Trip

Last week of our trip

A week of being tourists, we have explored central area including Mount Cook where we climbed an 1800 meter mountain and have suffered with sore legs ever since, so much for being athletes.

We have spent the last couple of days in and around Christchurch but it is now time to come home.

To keep you amused here is a short quiz for you:

how many countries have we visited?
how many feet have we climbed in total?
how many miles have we cycled?
how many flights have we taken?
how many train journey’s have we taken?
how many punctures?
how much weight have we lost?
number of ferries?
cost of the trip excluding bikes and camping equipment?
what challenge next, we’re open to suggestions?

Answers will be posted next week when we will post an update on our return to normality.

Until then take care and we look forward to catching up with all of you soon.

Gary, Ginette and Stuart

2 thoughts on “Last Week of Our Trip

  1. Ian Wilson

    You have missed a question! How many open air poo’s behind rocks and bushes?

    See you soon Shrek

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  2. Bob

    Just can’t believe its coming to an end.

    Be great to see you guys but you must have very mixed emotions, its bad enough going back after a 2 week holiday.

    You’ve asked the Big Question – What next?


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