Last Blog until our next adventure

Answers to the quiz and a summary of our first week back at home

It has been an interesting and surreal week back in the UK – lost bikes, locked out, no internet; TV or phone, sitting on camp chairs and sleeping on blow up single mattresses and still smiling

After a very long flight we landed in Heathrow at 11.30am to find our bikes had been lost in transit, fortunately we didn’t need them and they were later found and dispatched to us mid week. Its lucky that our trip was over.

We arrived home to find the locks on the house had been changed so we couldn’t get in, the estate agents were closed so like any sensible person we went to our local, fortunately our daughter was there and had a key and as an added bonus there were lots of our friends there who gave us a warm welcome.

It has been great to be back, it is so funny watching people’s faces when they see Gary especially friends that haven’t seen our photos on line. He has been likened to Tom Hanks in castaway or a local tramp – bless him.

Gary went back to work on Monday whilst I will start looking for work this week.

The house is all unpacked but we still have no settee, mattress or TV although on the up side we now have internet access, and a phone and I should have my car back today.

To top off our week, our amazing daughter arranged ‘a surprise’ party for us to welcome us home it was great to see so many family and friends, some had travelled across the country which made us feel very loved and has made our return to “normal” life a much nicer transition. A big thank you to everyone who came and for those that couldn’t make it we look forward to seeing you soon.

Quiz answers

how many countries have we visited – 17 countries
how many feet have we climbed in total – 329,860 feet
how many miles have we cycled – 9,800 miles.
how many flights have we taken – 9 flights
how many train journey’s have we taken – 3 train trips
how many punctures – to be honest we lost count but approx 30 punctures.
how much weight have we lost – Ginette lost 2 stone (13kg) Gary 1 1/4 stone (8kg).
number of ferries – 4 ferries, not including the smaller cross river trips.
cost of the trip excluding bikes and camping equipment – approx £15,000.
what challenge next, we’re open to suggestions? – for now getting a job and saving some pennies will be our priority

4 thoughts on “Last Blog until our next adventure

  1. Anne

    I have loved every minute of your adventure and look forward to hearing more about it sometime. Welcome back Anne (colquhoun)


  2. Bob

    Great having you both back and what a splendid get together Hayley organised for Saturday.

    Life must seem very tame back in Nailsea.

    Keep up the weekly updates, I’ve rather got used to them.

    See you soon.


  3. Alan Bearn

    Have looked forward to your missives from around the world, sad that I’ve read the last. Welcome back, good to know that you’re home safe and sound, even if locked out!


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