Mini Adventure – Madrid to Morocco

We’ve dusted off the bikes, dug out the camping gear and persuaded our bosses to give us 6 weeks off to feed our travel bug.

This trip has been a long time coming, it is hard to believe it has been 3 years since we last set off on our travels.

During that time we have sold the house, leaving us mortgage-free – yay!! An amazing feeling. We’ve saved enough money to go on our next big adventure but before we embark on that we wanted to test out our kit, lose some weight (me especially, how quickly it creeps back on) and get bike fit.

We have managed to persuade our bosses, in my case the board of trustees, to give us 6 weeks off so we can cycle from Madrid to Morocco. We would have cycled from the UK but the ferry was far more expensive than the flight, how crazy is that?

Today is the first day, of our mini adventure we’ve spent the last week or two gathering our kit together and purchasing bits and bobs and we’re ready to go on.

We’re a little apprehensive, we haven’t been touring since we came home. We just hope our bodies remember how to ride heavily loaded bikes and live a very basic lifestyle.

We enjoyed your company last time and although this is a much shorter trip we hope you will follow and encourage us.  We’re looking forward to catching up with old and new blogging friends.

Ginette and Gary



12 thoughts on “Mini Adventure – Madrid to Morocco


    Have a great time stay safe .We are off to Morocco ourselves next year my brothers latest project is to buy properties in Morocco his first purchase is a 6 bedroom beautiful property in Essaouira that he’s turning into a hotel Looking forward to reading your blogs and see some photos

    Look after each other Lots of love Candy and Ian xxx Sent from my iPhone



  2. Bob H

    Fantastic news.

    Really pleased for both of you and looking forward to seeing many pictures and hearing great trave tales.

    Keep pedleing and enjoying.

    Happy cycling

    Bob and Sue


  3. Jan Bond

    Congratulations on keeping the adventure going. I assume you are not cycling the long way round ( via Syria) and are hopping on a boat!


  4. Sharon Hartmann

    Have a fabulous trip guys! Enjoy every moment and don’t worry about the testing ride! More exciting if you have a bit of a challenge… it’d be boring if it was too easy😘 Let’s hope you find decent toilets or a secluded Bush to pee behind !


  5. Mark

    Good luck and enjoy you 2. We still keep talking about doing something similar but we are wimps. Looking forward to reading all the blogs and seeing the piccy’s. Be safe out there but most of all enjoy.


  6. Bharti Tailor

    Woo hoo, you’re off on another adventure :-)! Looking forward to reading all about it and seeing the photos – safe travels both of you.


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