10th June – 16th June

A quiet week resting my poorly knee after being knocked off my bike.

Our first accommodation was pants, dirty and tired (see pictures below), although our host was amazingly helpful. We decided two days was enough and moved further along the coast.

We treated ourselves to an apartment in Itacoatiara we had intended to stay two days but have stayed four has my knee has taken a little longer to mend. I’ve probably done a little damage to the Cartledge or ligament (Dr Google says).

The apartment is lovely and very close to two amazing beaches. If it was not for the fact that this rest period has been enforced on us I am sure we would feel like we were in paradise.  We have tried to look for positives, especially as we know if we were back at home it would be wet and we would be at work.  But following our adventurous first week in Rio, we had desperately wanted to start our journey and now feel a little bit as if we’re in limbo.

We’ve tried to make the most of it, strolling to the beach and enjoying the surf, swimming with turtles and enjoying the sea and sun. The cold beers help at the end of the day. Gary has ventured a little further and climbed some hills but we are both itching to get back on the bikes.

I finally managed to attempt a very small bike ride this morning and I am pleased to report it was relatively pain-free. It is only when I try to straighten the leg fully that I experience any pain. With this in mind, we have decided to give it a couple more days rest before setting off.  To help the budget we will be downgrading to a small beach bungalow.  Although our apartment is far better than the others we have stayed in, it doesn’t have any outdoor space and the wifi is pants.  The bungalow we are moving to has an outside patio, however, we will have to wait and see if there is an improvement on the wifi.

Being in limbo in paradise is a hard life but someone has got to do it.


We are finding that booking. coms location maps for the accommodation is very poor. sometimes not even on the right street. the last place I had to get a local to talk to the hosts on my phone, he came and drove by me to show me the way, about half a mile away on a different street with the same name. The house numbers do not follow sequentially they’re really ad-hoc 601 can be followed by 209 and number 9 can be next door to that.

There are loads of 0C6 outrigger canoes on the beaches, never used in the day. I did manage to arrange to meet a club at 7.20 this morning but when I got there I didn’t have a spot in the canoe, talk about being the last to be picked for the football team.

I have had a couple of walks up into the nearby cliffs either side of the beaches, one was a walk through jungle terrain with the odd clear view. the other a walk up a steep granite slope so a little hazardous but it had loads of other people all doing it so this must make it OK?

Swimming with turtles popping up for air near you and Frigate birds diving in close proximity for fish is fantastic, being shit on by the birds and nipped by a crab is less fantastic.

5 thoughts on “Niteroi

  1. Bob H

    Well, if you have to park up and let nature work it’s healing magic that doesn’t seem too bad a place to be stuck.

    Let’s hope your knee patches up quickly, but don’t risk rushing it.

    Thanks for the update and great pics.


  2. Pamela Bennington

    Glad you are on the mend Ginette and what a place to recover eh ?
    Stay positive and enjoy xxx


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