Christmas and New Year- Central America

Christmas Day in a hotel in San Jose los Cabos and on the beach sunbathing, we cooked our own dinner and swapped the few presents we had for each other. I am really pleased with my two new tee shirts, one is covered in tweety bird cartoon pictures.

We split on Boxing Day, Ginette to the airport to meet Hayley and me to the next apartment in los Cabos up on a hill.

The apartment was in a complex with a small gym that didn’t work well and a very cold but pretty swimming pool.

We spent the 5 days here walking, sunbathing, swimming and window shopping.

Ginette – Hayley and I struggled to find the apartment as our mapping systems would not work. We decided to jump off the bus in the town and flag down a taxi, this step was easy but it took the taxi driver a further 40 minutes to find the apartment. this was in despite of the fact we had the address and a map.

Ginette lost on New Year’s Eve. 

She left Hayley and I on the beach while she went back to the room for a kip,  hours later we arrived with no Net in sight. I found her at the marina and guided her back. She wasn’t lost she says, she just couldn’t find the accommodation?

Ginette – I wasn’t lost, I knew where I was, I just couldn’t find the apartment. I realised after about an hour of wandering up and down the streets from the beach that Gary and Hayley would be worried about me. So i gave up the search and headed back to the beach where I was sure they’d look for me.

New Year’s Eve spent in a restaurant with audience participation liveshow, Hayley was hung upside down and fed tequila shots, we saw the new decade İn one the beach with thousands of others watching a huge fireworks display.

On News Day we paid for a Boat ride to lands end to see some rock formations and arches, also some sunbathing seals, this is where the Pacific Ocean and the sea of Cortez meet.

Cabo San Lucas is very tourist with lots of North Americans either on holiday or living as expats. It’s not really to my taste but I can see why people would use this area for holidays. In the marina entrance boats of all sizes make the way in and out all day, the fishing charter boats have Seals jumping on the stern for a sneaky fish feed and camera shoot.

We hired a car so we could explore further afield plus we could reach wild camping sights to keep the cost down.

Chaco hot spring is down a dusty washboard back road and has camping near a hot spring. The hot spring is fed from under the sands so there are a few pools of warm water but the rest of the stream is pretty cold there is a walk further up the stony riverbed to a waterfall, we tried to find the waterfall but couldn’t find a safe way up past a narrow water filled gully so turned back.

In the lower stream under the small dam I saw a snake in the water and later we all bathed our feet in for a fish foot spa.

The camping was a better experience as we were allowed open fires and there was plenty of firewood around, we cooked all our food this way as well.

Unfortunately I lost one on my hearing aids here, we searched for ages but it’s gone.

Ginette – this was my fault, Gary gave them to me for safe keeping and I put them in my pocket. I felt so guilty I spent the best part of the morning trying to find them amongst the beach and wooded areas we had camped on the night before.

We then moved onto Cabo Pulmo National park which was down about 10 miles of dusty washboard roads, we visited the tourist information and were directed further down the coast to a sheltered free campsite Frailes playa

To reach Frailes Playa there was a pretty bad stretch of potholed road full of water, if it wasn’t for the fact we had seen two wheel drive cars come back the other way we may not have attempted to drive through. 

This area was great with a long sheltered bay and no facilities, we had to improvise a bucket and rope to access water from a deep well.

We went on a Hill climb walk which was a bit hazardous, we had been told about the route but we never found a path so scrambled up and other the rocks and cacti to the top of the hill. Hayley found some of the sections especially hard as she has been trained to climb with harnesses and guy ropes, we were free styling which was rather silly.

The snorkeling was good with plenty of large and small fish of numerous species.

Again we had open fires which does add to the adventure of outdoor camping.

On the way back we again made it through the puddles to playa sirenas. We didn’t camp here but walked along the small cliff tops to a sheltered snorkelling area which again had a large number of large and small fish, the Barracudas where about 3 foot long. We chatted to a family with two kids around 8 years old from Minnosota, they were a lovely family.

We headed out of the washboard road areas back onto the main roads and ended up camping in posh beach side site at Los Braille’s, this is a windy beach so has been adopted by all the kite surfers.

We went to a pub and after just two margaritas I was struggling to stand and by the time we got back to camp was sick and crawling so as not to fall over, I am not sure if my drink was spiked or it was just really strong but either way my body didn’t like it.

Ginette – it was really worrying watching Gary in this state it was like he was paralytic but his speech was not affected and he suffered no hang over.  I am sure his drink was either laced with something or spiked. Hayley had the same drink but although tipsy she seemed less affected.

The next day, slightly jaded but not hung over we headed to La Paz.

On the way we stopped at El Triunfo, an old mining town. We looked around the mine ruins with its large chimney and had a packed lunch in a nice churche grounds followed by ice creams.

La Paz is a clean city, it is by the sea and quite, which is unusual for a Mexican city. We had hoped to show Hayley a more authentic side of Mexico but La Paz was not like any other Mexican cities we have seen on the mainland.

We stayed in a hostel in a 6 bed bunk room with all beds taken.

In the morning Hayley went on a boat trip to snorkel with whale sharks which I think she really enjoyed. 

We drove to Todas Santos and spent some time looking around the gift shops and galleries, then made our way to a free camping beach area that I overlander had on its map.

We camped near the beach, again we had an open fire. Unfortunately the area around us was littered with waste, the area seemed popular with surfers that seemed to have made temporary homes for themselves but had made no attempt to dig a latrine.

There was a beach bar, we met a nice couple. A Mexican man and Danish lady, it was good chatting with them, we had a really pleasant evening.

Hayley didn’t feel too well in the morning so we skipped the planned body boarding and headed to San Lucas to a really nice condo apartment so we could relax, Wash clothes and get ready for the next days flights. The condo felt really luxurious (as it was luxurious) especially after the camping and hostel stays.

Ginette – Hayley coped really well with the holiday, it was quite demanding on her poorly body. We did contemplate two weeks on the beach but she would have been bored to tears. She is definitely Gary’s daughter.

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  1. david dutson

    Good to see you had a good christmas and new year and spent it as a family from the pics you look to be realy having some fun out there (well untill Gary went to the barbers lol) but yea have fun and stay safe

    Dave Dutson


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