Bristol to Rome Bike Ride – short version

Short version

Bristol to Rome Sponsored Bike Ride Challenge (19 days and no rest days).

We raised in excess of £3,000 for Cancer Research and £350 for Ashcombe Birth Centre

The challenge was really enjoyable, we did have some very difficult patches to get through but there were far more good times than bad.

Our favourite section was what we thought might be the worse, the Alps! This turned out to be a very rewarding stretch of the journey, long hill climbs of 19km all up hill, passing through ski resorts, but with gradients of 6 to 10% they were manageable and the views were spectacular as we had clear skies and sunshine for this stretch of the journey.

It is hard to sum up a 19-day trip in a few words, but we did have 2 major wow moments. The first wow moment was from the French side of the Alps when we turned a corner and we were presented with a clear sky, expansive views right across lake Geneva and the lowlands of Switzerland with the rest of the Alps as the backdrop in the near distance, we had a 10 mile descent into Geneva from this point.

The second wow moment was a similar experience but this time as we turned through one of the many hairpin bends we had a view that was overlooking Genoa with the Mediterranean Sea as the background.

Our bodies suffered from some wear and tear and the last 4 days were difficult for all of us, but we finally completed the challenge and even managed to have 1 day sightseeing in Rome.

If you would like to read more please read the long version of this challenge – to be posted soon.

Total cycling time: 118 hours and 10 minutes.

Total miles: 1448.13.

Total climbing: 27,386 metres.

Total descent: 28,642 metres (yes hard to believe but we descending more than we climbed)

Total calories burnt: 85,134,

Total calories eaten??? Who knows but we all managed to lose weight

Support provided by: Gary’s sisters, Brian, Jack and Andy – a big thank you

bristol to rome 3 bristol to rome 5Rome 3

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