Lands End to John O’Groats

Lands End to John O’Groats Bike Ride

Completed in 2009

Riders Ginette and Gary Corr, Stuart Patton Lawrence and Carson

Support crew James Tonkin, Shaw and Nic Beattie

I hated most of this trip, I had the wrong bike, I was overweight and I hadn’t trained anyway near enough and if I recall rightly the weather was naff.

I couldn’t believe my ears when the following year the boys suggested cycling to Rome and I said count me in.

And if someone had told me during this trip that I would be giving up everything to cycle the world I would have thought they were bonkers. Just goes to show you never know what is around the corner.

Stats kindly provided by Stuart

Day 1 – Lands End to Camelford

6hrs 56mins


Ave 11.5mph

max 39.5mph

Total Ascent 1905m

Total Decent 1910m

Cal 4962


Day 2 – Camelford to Taunton

7hrs 59mins


Ave 11.7mph

max 38.6mph

Total Ascent 2052m

Total Decent 2299m

Cal 5486


Day 3 – Taunton to Chepstow

6hrs 52mins


Ave 12.0ph

max 37.8h

Total Ascent 796m

Total Decent 835m

Cal 4479


Day 4 – Chepstow to Coedway

8rs 49mins


Ave 12.2mph

max 40.9mph

Total Ascent 2250m

Total Decent 2280m

Cal 6385


Day 5 – Coedway to Chorley, Preston

7hrs 04mins

98.48miles – Total miles 463

Ave 13.9mph

max 42.8mph

Total Ascent 1587m

Total Decent 1636m

Cal 5497


Day 6 – Chorley to Ambleside (+10 miles past)

8hrs 26mins

87.03miles – Total miles 550

Ave 10.3mph

max 36.2mph

Total Ascent 1866m

Total Decent 1949m

Cal 5657


Day 7 – Ambleside to Walkerburn

8hrs 43mins

103.70miles – Total miles 653

Ave 11.9mph

max 40.0mph

Total Ascent 2123m

Total Decent 2227m

Cal 5969



Day 8 – Walkerburn through Edinburgh to Mill of Gask by Auchterarder

8hrs 06mins

84.46miles – Total miles 738

Ave 10.4mph

max 37.5mph

Total Ascent 1905m – Total Ascent 14,484m

Total Decent 2135m

Cal 4851


Day 9 – Mill of Gask to Aviemore

8hrs 18mins

99.30miles – Total miles 837

Ave 11.9mph

max 32.4mph

Total Ascent 1728m – Total Ascent 16,212m

Total Decent 1615m

Cal 5733


Day 10 – Aviemore to Golspie

8hrs 56mins

106.40miles – Total miles 943

Ave 11.9mph

max 33.5mph

Total Ascent 1653m – Total Ascent 17,865m

Total Decent 1947m

Cal 5443


Day 11 – Golspie to John O’Grotes then to Wick

8hrs 55mins

104.80miles – Total miles 1048.69miles

Ave 11.7mph

max 33.1mph

Total Ascent 1441m – Total Ascent 19,306m

Total Decent 1910m

Cal 5370 – Total Cal 59,832



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