Devizes to Westminster

Copied and pasted from our Just Giving Site 2014 – Written by Gary Corr

canoe DWWP_20140202_002

The DW Ultra canoe and Kayak marathon

125 miles of nonstop paddling for approximately 27 hours in a 2 man (Well one sexy women and a man) Canadian canoe with the support and encouragement of an amazing support crew

My wife is real Hard Corr and I love her loads.

She managed to finish the DW against all the odds.

She ate something at Reading (not even half way) that didn’t agree with her, and spent the rest of the paddle eating barely anything and drinking little and she was often sick and running to find a bush

The fact that she was stretchered off the first aid tent when she had completed shows how tough this was and I think she is a bloody stubborn but wonderful woman.

We overtook all the crews in front of us and led the race for all of the night, only to be caught by the faster later starting crews at Teddington.

To top all this we came second fastest mixed crew, beaten after 125 mile by just 41.49 secs.

Our planed time was 25 hours 30 minutes and our actual time was 25 hours, 32 mins, 42 secs, pretty good guess..

Many thanks to Rob, Stuart, Candy and Ian, without whom there was no way we could have completed this race, your support was second to none.

Also thank you to Helen Yeo, Sandra and their band of supporters really cheered us both up.

And Clive, Liz, Aimee and Dom, it was really great to see you all.

And thank you Maggie and Lisa for looking after Ginette at the end. Our DW race statics.

We set off before all the fast crews, managed to overtake all the boats in front of and led the race all night until Teddington (that doesn’t mean we was winning,  just the lead boat).

Some stats for you.

Canadian class (Our class).

Second fastest mixed crew, losing out to1 by 41.49 secs.

And we were 8 overall, from the 17 plus another 4 did not finish.

All classes (all craft types).

We came 53 out of 86 plus another 43 did not finish.

Veterans (all craft types).

Overall we came 36out of 93, but also another 29 did not finish.

Mixed class (all craft types).

Overall we came 13 out of 19 but another 8 did not finish.

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