Day 37 to Day 42

Day 37
no cycling

Spent a very lazy morning in the room, we both slept well and did’t get up until 9.00am. Had breakfast in the room (from our supplies) and caught up with the internet world.

Spent the day in Athens doing some sight seeing, it was a warm, chilled day, with no fixed agenda. The transport system here is interesting you purchase a ticket, validate it in the ticket machine and you can travel on all forms of transport within your paid time frame. On our journeys no-one asked for proof of purchase so the system is built purely on honesty but seemed to work.

Gary; Athens was very busy and although there are officially no shops open on a Sunday there is whole area around the centre where all the market stalls (Kate you would have loved the flee market, lots of antiques to browse and haggle over) and live entertainment in the squares and we even had an Indian dance troupe entertain us but only a couple of the dancers were Indian and knew what they were doing.

We had a drink in the square and watched the band for a while. We found another pile of stones that we didn’t pay to see for we could see them from the perimeter and in Ginette’s words we needed to save the 4 euros for an Ice cream, my type of lady.

We didn’t go to the Acropolis as we had been there before, to be honest we have been on several holidays involving ancient antiquities and as neither of us have great interest in this field they all do start to look the same. Maybe we are spoilt a bit as we grew up in an old Roman settlement called Hemel’s Home stead next to Veralanium (St Albans) which also still has some Roman remains, and now live near Bath a town we rarely go into but have done the sight seeing tours.

Ginette – On our return we changed rooms to our pre booked sea view room. The room had a small balcony over looking the sea but although different in design was still very boudoir like. Full length mirror, sequinned bed cover, low lighting and lots of silver and black, I think there may have also been a picture of a naked woman in the room.

We decided to treat ourselves to dinner out as a treat, as we passed one restaurant we were encouraged to enter to find there was no English menu, this wouldn’t normally be a problem, but I didn’t have an appetite so didn’t really know what I wanted and was hoping the menu would provide some inspiration. We decided to politely leave and find a restaurant with an English menu.

We didn’t need to look far and found ourselves in a fish restaurant with a very friendly waiter who helped us to order a couple of dishes. We chose a greek salad, fried anchovies and mussels in a rich tomato sauce. The meal was lovely and came out one dish at a time over a 1 hour period. We really enjoyed the ambience of the restaurant and the food.
Day 38
Pireaus to Rhodes

We changed rooms yesterday to a sea view room, the view was brilliant and we had a lovely balcony but I preferred the non sea view room for comfort, design and noise. Both rooms were like boudoirs, different in design but perfect for a dirty night away. It was clear to hear from the night noises that the rooms were being put to good use. As you know we’re pretty open minded but I’m not sure what anyone would want with a hoover at 1.30am and Gary thought he heard a sheep?? What type of hotel had we checked into? It was perfect and other than the sleep less night it met all of our needs.

Another lazy morning, both slept badly due to night noises, (some from a lady having lots of loud orgasms, the air conditioning unit and the bar below) and iffy tummies (not sure if this was food or a coincidence). Packed up and left our bikes in the reception area for the day. Reception staff were really helpful and friendly. Just in case you’re ever in Pireaus the hotel was called the Scorpious, it is a 2 star budget hotel but worth a visit.

Spent the morning looking for a new kindle, only to find they’re only available on line and although we could have purchased another tablet, the sales assistants advised us for reading the kindle was the device we should purchase. So we have ordered one on line and asked for it to be sent to Hayley’s address.

Returned to the hotel and changed for a spot of sunbathing – it’s a hard life. I think my white bits may have frightened the sun, because within 1 hour of us sitting down it clouded over. We used this as a hint to make our way to the port, this gave us plenty of time and we arrived at 4.30 and was allowed on even though the ferry was not scheduled to leave until 7.00pm.

Unlike the previous over night ferry we had been on this ferry Blue Sky Ferries did not allow sleeping on board. Although this rule was not consistently imposed. We had come on board and thought we had struck lucky as the lounge was virtually empty and we had our choice of seats. We found ourselves a nice little corner with another young couple and settled down for the evening. After about an hour (before the ferry left dock) the girl curled up with her boyfriend to have a snooze and the barman came over and explained in broken English this was not allowed. The girl asked where she could sleep and he pointed to the economy seat area. We took the hint and found ourselves a comfortable place in the economy section with an ideal area for us to camp out. Well at least we thought it was ideal until a family joined us and proceeded to attract every child on the ferry. I seemed to be able to block out the noise (years of practice) but at one point I thought Gary was going to blow his top. It was getting later and later and they seemed to be totally unsupervised and were making a lot of noise and running up and down.
By 9.30 Gary had, had enough and went to find somewhere quieter,s I used this time to set up the beds only to be told that we couldn’t sleep there either. When we looked around the ferry for somewhere to get comfortable we were really frustrated to see people laying out on the settees in the lounge area and sleeping. I was so annoyed that I made a complaint at the reception desk only to be told no sleeping allowed on the ferry! what a ridiculous rule, it was an overnight ferry, what did the staff intend to do, wake everyone up who fell asleep? We decided to ignore the rules and set ourselves up a camp, fortunately we were not bothered again, but with the ferry making 5 stops during the night at different islands we didn’t do a lot of sleeping, but managed to read a lot.

I was also appalled to see what appeared to be outright prejudice against some of the passengers on the ferry, one waiter had the audacity to move one family from the lounge area before they even sat down. We didn’t understand the issues, but felt very uncomfortable witnessing what appeared to be blatant prejudice.

We went up on board at 7.00am to see passengers getting off at Kos, it was very over cast and by 8.00am it was very dark and raining.
Day 39 – Day 42
Rhodes – Lalyssos
80 miles

The apartment is much better than we hoped for at €20 a night, we have a split level apartment, with a kitchen and balcony, the room is cleaned on a daily basis and the staff are lovely and speak really good english. There is a pool on site with free sun beds, a laundry and a bar. What more can you ask for?

We have tried to keep up the cycling so that we don’t go rusty and of course it is good exercise for Gary he would go loopy by the pool each day. The cycling is easy as theres lots to see and it is so much easier without the panniers.

To date we have cycled to the ancient city Kameiros , Doric Fountain, Acropolis of Lalyssos and Faliraki.

Rhodes is beautiful, very green and hilly. The drivers are very considerate, which is just as well as the road signs are rubbish and the roads are in an awful condition.

We have usually finished cycling by mid afternoon and we have spent the rest of the day by the pool/beach trying to blend in our tan lines.

To keep the cost down we have taken a packed lunch each day (bread, cheese, ham, crisps, cake, fruit and lemon juice). The supermarkets are surprisingly expensive especially fruit and vegetables. However we are managing to eat well, helped by the fact that we have a kitchen and time to cook. We have both managed to put on a couple of pounds in the last week, we don’t have any scales so we can’t report weight loss but Gary was looking a little gaunt, I could even count his ribs and my new sports bra no longer fits. We have made a mental note that we probably need to eat more whilst we’re on the road, although we haven’t felt hungry, we are clearly burning more calories than we are putting in.

4 thoughts on “Day 37 to Day 42

  1. Nic Beattie

    Glad you are having some downtime. Shame about the ferry crossings but time for some R&R and work on the tan!!
    Lots of the The Beatties xxxx


  2. richard lloyd



    1. ggcorr Post author

      we’re going to Rhodes old town today if you fancy a drive and a spot of lunch – we’ll have the phone with us, if not we’ll catch up in the week



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