Where are you going?

we don’t really know, other than we’re going to Rhodes for our Nephew’s wedding and we’re heading East

 How long are you going for?

we don’t really know, we’d like to think we will be on the road for at least a year, but if we’re not enjoying it then we’ll come home.

Have you told the children?

the kids have been fantastic

Hayley’s first response after telling us we were really lucky was ‘where will I get my washing done? followed by ‘where will I store my kayaks’ and her biggest concern is whether Ginette can spend more than 2 nights in a tent, after all she really doesn’t like camping.

Shaun’s response was ‘I’m really proud of you, go for it..’

we’re very proud of them both, they’ve grown up to be beautiful, independent adults and we love them to bits. Naturally we will miss them but we’re hoping we can learn how to Skype so we can keep in touch

Have you done anything like this before?

this question is posed by those that don’t know us very well, please see our page on past challenges.

Who’s idea was it?

the answer to this depends on whether you ask Gary or Ginette

Have you been planning/thinking about this for a long time?

We have always had a romantic image that one day we will go travelling, but we always thought this would be when we retired.

The decision to do this trip was made on the 29th Dec – no discussion was had before this and we have not looked back since.

What are you doing with the house?

hopefully renting it out, we’ve had a lot of interest and positive comments but other than a lady on social and 3 teenage lads no offers yet. We love our neighbours too much to risk the lads, we know what noise and mayhem they can make. 

Are you carrying everything with you?

yes everything will need to fit in our bike bags

What are you going to do with your evenings?

apart from the obvious : )

we’re going to try and keep this blog up to date

write a book

learn an instrument

read a lot

What are you going to do when you get back?

Gary will have his job if he wants it

I’m open to suggestions

Are you mad/is this a mid life crisis or questions to this effect?

our philosophy to life




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