Hello and Welcome Back Part 3


It is now 2019 – 4 years since our last big adventure and only 5 months since we returned from Morocco.  As many of you know I found Morocco hard to enjoy, this was a combination of ill health, heat, under preparation, fear of the big trip and not letting go of work-related issues.  At one point I told Gary he would be doing his next trip on his own. He initially agreed to this but fortunately, we met a like-minded couple (Sally and Tim) who gave us a different option.  A bit like Beth and Tony (the couple we met in Laos) they told us to slow down, take rest days but most importantly they reminded us it is not all about the bike.  They told us to spice it up a little, walk, paddle, work, do nothing, most importantly stop putting yourself under pressure.  Excellent advice!

With this in mind, we are better prepared, we have not set an end destination or time. We have ‘downsized’, which is a matter of opinion, but it means we have no mortgage.  We bought the most impractical house on a hill, with no drive, in a village with no pub or shop. We love it and our new neighbours but feared it might be a little difficult to rent out. We needn’t have worried, the first two couples to view the house wanted it.  Compared to our last experience this was utter joy, we simply had to choose between them.

We have both handed in our notices and are currently in the process of serving our notice periods which is challenging but each day in the office is one closer to us hitting the road.

We intend to Coddiwomple, which apparently means travelling with purpose to no fixed destination (thank you Petra). We aim to start in the Canary Islands, not our first choice but our son is getting married in May and we wouldn’t miss that for the world. Rather than jetting off to somewhere tropical we decided to keep it low key and walk. I say low key we are walking all of the Canary Islands which equates to approx 650km!! This hopefully will mean we will return to the UK bronzed and toned for the photos.

We intend to stay in the UK until the end of May and then we will make our way across to Europe and head East for the summer and then South for the Winter. We are open to suggestions of things to see and do. We love interacting with you, it keeps us sane, so whenever you have a moment please log on to the site and drop us a line.

If you want to have a fuller account of our last adventure, not the Morrocan one, the BIG one to New Zealand, we have finally got round to publishing the book. It is not a day to day diary nor a copy of the blog it is more like a travelogue. If you would like a copy, of this A4 paperback, it is 227 pages of stories and pictures that have changed our lives and may motivate you to do something similar. Unfortunately, due to the fact that all the publishers we approached wanted to charge us, we have self-published at a cost of £7 per book, + postage. We appreciate this is not cheap and will accept any offers you are willing to make. We are not out to make a profit but it would be good to cover our costs.

If you would like a copy please message us. Sorry, all books have now been sold. We will consider making another order if we receive a further 50 requests. In the meantime, we are exploring how to make the book into an ebook – further details to follow.


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