Hello and Welcome

Hello our names are Gary and Ginette Corr and we have decided to take 12 months off work to cycle the world. To do this Ginette had to resign from her job she was only offered a 6 month sabbatical and Gary has a 12 month sabbatical. We’re hoping to rent the house out through a local estate agents and to do this we have had to get rid of lots of our furniture, clothes and bits and bobs.

The only fixed destination is Rhodes and we have given ourselves a generous 7 weeks to get there.

Places we would like to cycle include (in no particular order):

Turkey, the Pamir Highway, Tibet, Vietnam, Nepal, Malaysia, Tasmania and New Zealand

But we are open to suggestions, we intend to plan the route as we go and we would like you to help us, by sharing places you’ve been or would like to go to. We are hoping to cover between 50-60 miles a day but we’re not being precious about this and we intend to take days out just to chill and ensure we enjoy the journey

This exciting adventure starts on the 4th April, we’re having a leaving breakfast and everyone is welcome to join us at the Ring O Bells in Nailsea, we will be there from 9.00am until 11.00am.

Lots of people have commented we’re very brave, we don’t feel brave just very fortunate. It’s an exciting time and it’s a scary time and it’s a time with a lot of unknown, unknowns but we’re looking forward to it and we hope you will follow us to share the adventure.

Wish us luck xx







5 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome

  1. Ali Collier

    Karen and I are down the South West in the caravan that week. I’m not sure where will be yet but we will try and be there to see you off. If we don’t make it then please take our best wishes with you and we’ll be following the blog all the way. Good Luck, Ali


  2. Barry Chisholm

    Gary, I have just been in touch with your old office to speak to you after a few years and got the news you had taken a sabbatical. Anyway, Dave sent me the link to your blog so I’ll keep track of your movements to see how your both progressing! Good luck to both you and Ginette, I hope you both get out of the trip what you want! An amazing opportunity!

    Just for your travels, I was in Jordan 3 years ago and went to MT Nebo and down to the Dead Sea well worth a visit if your heading that way!!

    Have fun guys!!



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