Sri Lanka – Part 2

Sri Lanka – Part 2

We are nearing the end of our stay in Sri Lanka we have loved it and recommend it to anyone who has not been. We’ve seen some amazing sights, including wild elephants, water buffalo, lizards and some amazing birds and butterflies. We’ve covered a lot of miles on the bike and the terrain has been really varied from mountains and tea plantations to desert like savannahs.

It has been really sunny and we’ve even managed to spend a little time on the beach although I do wish Gary wouldn’t eye up the local talent (check out the photo below).

Sri Lanka has something to offer everyone no day needs to be the same. We’ve definitely crammed a lot into our 3 week stay including wildlife parks, temples, walks, beaches and cultural sites. The only downside is the diet is a little limited if you’re on a budget but it is amazing how quickly you can get used to eating curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The weather has turned so it is time for us to follow the sun we have booked a flight to Indonesia on the 19th to have a play in Jakarta and possibly Bali or Sumatra.

love hearing updates from home, so please keep sending these either by private message, Facebook or email

Finally good luck to all our friends competing in the World Dragon Boating Championships we will be thinking about you.

Love and kisses Gary and Ginette

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