Week 9

Week 9
Day 62 to Day 69

A week of elections, main roads, thunder storms and beautiful camp sites

Earlier this week we passed the 2000 miles mark, we’ve cycled approx 42 days (I have taken out any days where we didn’t cycle due to holidays, travel or rest days) which means we have averaged about 41 miles a day (this includes some very short days due to weather or getting too or from ferries and of course to balance this some very long days)

We have had 5 punctures to date (3 on the same day – more detail in the main diaries)

and cycled in 6 countries

I have really enjoyed following the Turkish elections, the Turkish are very passionate about their politics and in each town we have been greeted with banners, posters, TV’s following the news and vans blaring out their political messages. We were in Izmer when the election results came in and it was clear to see a number of the locals were very happy with the results.

Most of our cycling has been on either main roads (route 550) or coastal roads. The main roads are fast and relatively easy to cycle but are a little monotonous and full of lorries and cars (with the exception of one day where we had a clear road for 5 miles). The coast roads are very scenic, but slower due to the hills and heat.

It has been a very warm week, with lots of amazing thunder storms, fortunately we have missed most of them finding shelter in garages and restaurants, we hope we are as lucky when we get to India.

We have been really spoilt with the campsites we have stayed in with many being by the sea in really secluded, beautiful settings, we were really taken with one site so much so that we booked in for two nights, we have taken pictures but I am not sure they do justice to the amazing views and ambience of the place.

Tomorrow we should hit Troy and then onto the Gallipoli area, we have both been reading about these areas so are looking forward to visiting them.

Hope all is well with everyone until next week all our love Ginette and Gary

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